Saturday, October 29, 2011

Project TRUTH !!!

rsooooo I have been working on my diploma Project and I didn't know it'll be THIS hard , I'm working in a group thankfully they are very helpful and I know them from before so it's going good with them . we do Advertisement like anything they want but I didn't know that they would reject this cuz where u'll find a ppl that will do a website and other stuff for free just for that place ??!! 0_0
so first we thought of the Royal Opera house it's new and thats good for us , we went to talk to them and after a long trip they accepted to just take a letter from the college after a long time they rejected it
then we said we'll do for some hospital but we got rejected from the start !
soo where still planning to who we should do hopefully we will find someone soon


  1. Try 90.4 FM I'm very sure they need some revamp stuff and such or any small to middle sized company. Don't aim for big companies they won't usually help.

  2. 0_0 ur SMART !! okay will try that thanx :D

  3. can I have there number or something ?

  4. contact by email and see if he has suggestions

  5. thanks we found I place and working on it ^_^