Friday, December 27, 2013

happy weekend

just wanted to say HAPPY WEEKEND enjoy it all cuz it runs so fast and suddenlly it's Sunday again :P

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

fever hallucinations

it's been a week now since everybody in our home got this flu,fever thing . I'm more of a person who just ignore it but today I feel a little fever headache although I took a medicine which I totally don't believe that it works ,,,, anyways I've been working on my project report and I can't wait to start working on the 3D map , I've been loving how I sit and write those chapters non stop I even stay all day writing I mean it is tiring to find the right words our how to start in a new topic but I'm working on that , yesterday the mister complemented me by saying that my report is starting to shape beautifully it really made me happy cuz I thought I was lost a little , well actually I still think I'm lost here and there cuz acting the strong one is starting to tier me since I'm a person who HAVE to plan every single thing so there's no way a thing can go wrong cuz I'm also a person who hate to fail I just can't take it easily but I stand and try again and the second time wont ever be like the first , I still didn't like the word " move on " with my life cuz for a moment back then I've planed to be with the person I liked "loved" for at least 7 years <- that was my plan about my last relationship , but I wasn't seeing what was I doing , I've hurted the person I liked "loved" more than once but I never saw it and he never talked about it till it all went down the hill " as he said" I couldn't get it but since that day I've been thinking about it and I did got it but now it's too late to look back , so I've been rejecting whoever tries to be with me cuz nothing is going to be better than what I got there " that's what I think it is" but for real even if a guy liked you it wont ever work is at the end of the day I'll marry a guy who doesn't know I exist , he'll just ask his sisters or mother to look for a wife for him , or he might seen me in work .
What I'm trying to say is there is no " love" in this side of the world or at least my family you can't "love" a person because it will simply wont work the way I've planned for it , it's so stupid but this is how it works , my sister is getting engaged and they are hinting for his younger brother to purpose to me " I think" but I don't want to cuz I don't know him and I don't want to , I just hate that fact of " ow now we have to take all the girls from that family just because ... "
when someone starts talking to me about marrige I feel like my parents are giving me to a total stranger and asking me to love him and live my rest life with him , I just hate it so much from the deep of my broken hurted heart  , and I miss the person I truly loved before .

at the end of the day those are just my fever hallucinations .

Sunday, December 1, 2013

beautiful memories

I was going through some picz and I saw this 101 dalmatian puppies and I had this sweet feeling of how beautiful my childhood was , now looking to the new cartoons are not nice and not having that magic the old ones got , and I'm only talking about the old disney Movies but if you came to the old anime we used to watch woooow it was another world even the way they drew it was different now it feels like it's not detailed as before just sketching quickly and showing it , I don't mean by all the anime and movies there is those few good ones still out there , here are just few of them that I could find and remember , enjoy

Thursday, November 28, 2013

a Trip

I'm bad at intros so lets get to the point YOSH !
we went to a trip to bid bid ( why do I feel like I'm writing a diary ? -_-) anywayssss took some pics hope you like them !❤

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

getting bored

I get bored so fast when I just sit at home doing nothing or just taking care of my little sister
and when I ...

 there's no fun people to go out with cuz my sister went to the U.S and I'm stuck in here *if ur wondering about my other sisters , well I'm sooooo done with drama and endless storys that doesn't interest me -_-*

 I mean
maaaaan I wake up with a bad mood and then I keep on hearing those stories just doooon't push my buttons I'll totally ignore whatever your saying!
and leave me to be ya5ee 

and again I just 
the never leaving home part , so I  became smart in college and I finish my assignments before the deadline ! even the mister went asking " when did you become so smart !" I take that as a compliment ....
and working on my project was is a little entertaining , not when my sponsor forgot all about my project and made me go to the company while he's not there I just felt like I'm 
cuz I needed the documents and all but I just kept my storyboard on his desk and left.

reading this blog ?
I feel high today so I thought to make you feel like me ,,,, I'm actually trying to expand my writing skills cuz they always tell us right more but man if I wrote two lines I feel like partying loool

so I decided to work with this 
"be stupid to see the existence beautiful"

it's right in so many ways , why do I have to think about everything and stress myself , college is for sure in my mind but other things are just silly even being in a relationship is
 it doesn't work right in this side of the world we have to be like ninjas to meet so no one see us and start talking at us or if the police saw us we're mashed potatoes ! why? cuz they will take you to the police station and call ur parents and it will be like you did the worst thing in the world while you just JUST met the person you love and you were just talking .... * from what I heard from other people*
so I just left that shit aside it doesn't work with me anyways 
....... ._.

but you come talking to me for two or three day and you start talking like we're together for a very long time and want me to explain why am I late?
dude what is wrong with you ?
you sir have spoke to the wrong person I'm rude to people who don't interest me , and you got few seconds to change that if you didn't then 
and say helloooo to the clouds looool

so yeah hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed writing it

I love coffee ♥ hahaha no story for this 

ma3 al salamah babies :D

ps: I don't own any of the pictures I used

Friday, November 22, 2013

rainy week

happy rainy days Omani people :D I'm enjoying this weather very very much and this is just a quick update or blog or whatever you call it

Sunday, November 17, 2013

life challanges

since everybody know I have this huge fear to talk to guys , if you don't know that well here how it goes :
I don't know why I get sooooo nervous when I have to talk to a guy in college or something I actually try my best just to avoid it and I might tell my friend to talk to the guy if it's a must hahahahaha :P
but don't worry about that I've been working on it aaand it's going well I started to talk and be myself around anyone talks to me . It was soooo annoying me but thank allah it's no more there .

want me to tell you more ? okay ...

college is going good and I've been a hard worker  for first time I finish an assignment before the dead line comes !! but I did something bad which is I have to write chapter 1 of my project but I've been busy ? I don't know my day starts with going to college and I finish at 8 pm and from college to my place takes 30 mins to 50 mins so all I want to do is to rest , anyways the submission was 16 of this month but I didn't even start with it .
sooooo yeah that's all the story of the day haha have a great day , don't forget a smile from you might change someones life !!

Friday, October 25, 2013

start of the new semester

yup I have started my new semester with no troubles and so far I'm liking the subjects got advanced 3D , sever side , e comers and project planing . what else?? looool  and I started with my planing cuz I'm doing something so cool and this project is individual and this is better for me so I wont delay cuz of waiting for the group my group wasn't bad anyways , yeah and that's it :D
have a great lovely day everyone !!

those are some of my work in the 3D 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

my college problem

lets starts with what bothers me the most , it started with the registration day when I decided to go to my friend place because the net in our home is a little too bad and my friend opened my account to do the register me because I was still on my way to her place to get the usual answer that it's blocked from the finance so I went to the college and in less that a minute the man of the finance unblocked me , and the fight of registering starts . I could register on one module only as I wanted to register for project planing and the next semester I can have the final project for the bachelor BUT I couldn't take it because it's closed and I have no idea why is that so I wondered around our beautiful college searching for a mister or a miss to help me with my problem , and they told me to wait for few more day then they will open it .
the day has came and I went to open the college website to find the same problem so I went to college and I have spoken with a teacher who told me that there is nothing in his hands so he wrote a letter for the HOD to open my wanted subjects and I gave them and all what they did is to carelessly ask me why the system isn't opening with me , how would I know when the system is made by them ???? so they signed the paper and told me to go but where should I go and who should I give this paper to ? so I went to the registration place and the scenario of every semester is repeated in there " The person who is in charge of this is on a meeting" now the question is why would they do meetings when this is the time where this one person is mostly wanted and yes it's only one person who does this .
me and some girls waited , one of them was so cold that she was talking and laughing then she just left , the other have also left one by one and only me and one girl were waiting and she have waited from 9 a.m and when he came it was 4:30 p.m she started telling him her problem and it was solved .
my problem just started when I told him my problem he figured that he can't do anything for me because he needs to call someone to do it for him and let me tell you this mister was rude in every way we had a little argument and we ended it by he will do the planing subject for me by the end of the day and I left the college .
the other day came and nothing is done to me and here we are the next day and all what I can think about is " when he will add that module for me , hoping very soon so I wont add another semester just having two modules this semester "

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Randoms !

Hello there hehe though I don't think there's anyone reads my blog anymore but it makes me happy to write or post pictures actually how do people do it ? getting an active blog ? but anyways that's not my problem because I'm satisfied with the little hehe :P
today my summer vacation starts believe it or not cuz I decided to take summer classes and it was fun but very very pressuring yesterday I had my last exam and thank allah I'm dooooone ! and here goes the sad part ... thinking about my next level of studying thing I'll be very busy so I kind of need to go somewhere to refresh buuuut there's no one to go with me if I wanted to travel which I really want , actually my last hope is in my aunt knowing that she travels many times but I heard that she's not going anywhere and I still have a little tiny hope that I might go somewhere before college starts again :P
other things is I've been trying so hard to like tumblr but I find it some how stupid :S so I don't know what I'm doing there haha  , hmmm what else ? ..... I daydream alot like if you see me sitting and staring like I'm focusing on the lecture or a talk I'm actually not cuz I'll be daydreaming about dragons and imaginary lovers and so on hahaha XD well yeah that was my thoughts for today I don't know how to spend my one month vacation , and I don't want to paint although I have loads of ideas for new artworks but I just don't want to do anything productive in this one month ....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

darkness dragon

I'm addict to dragons because of how perfect their skin looks and their colors and I love how humans made this amazing creature from just imagination . for me I'm a person with huge imagination and I love to daydream most of the time so I have fallen in love with those creatures and they mean something to me .
now back to our main topic which is the darkness dragon ,,, well let me tell you that I've drawn him when I was down but I didn't paint him cuz of time , so I painted him the next day and I had to keep my mood the same as when I drawn him , it wasn't easy but I managed to keep up the good work and of course pics wont give the painting it's right so anyways I'll leave you with the pics and hope you like them like I did !

ps: acrylic colors were used

Wednesday, August 14, 2013