Tuesday, August 27, 2013

darkness dragon

I'm addict to dragons because of how perfect their skin looks and their colors and I love how humans made this amazing creature from just imagination . for me I'm a person with huge imagination and I love to daydream most of the time so I have fallen in love with those creatures and they mean something to me .
now back to our main topic which is the darkness dragon ,,, well let me tell you that I've drawn him when I was down but I didn't paint him cuz of time , so I painted him the next day and I had to keep my mood the same as when I drawn him , it wasn't easy but I managed to keep up the good work and of course pics wont give the painting it's right so anyways I'll leave you with the pics and hope you like them like I did !

ps: acrylic colors were used

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

the story of my babies

The story starts after the adha eid when my brother wanted a talking parrot so badly so he saved his money and he told my older sister to take him to the pet shop and because of his little budget he couldn't buy the parrot he had in mind so he bought a cockatiel , the pet seller had cut his wings but he cut them in wrong place what made it bleed , my mother told my sister to change it fearing it might die cuz of the bleeding so she went and came back with " Spiky" this cockatiel was so interesting to watch and I fell in love with him !

as soon as we saw the upper feather of him we called him spiky :P and let me tell you about this spiky he's very noisy in the morning and he got a big ego ! for example you are not to touch him until he feels like it's okay and he doesn't like to eat when someone is staring at him , he will try to scare you by biting you *he doesn't bite hard* if you tried to touch him , at the beginning I tryed to catch him thinking it was taming for him , I used to open his cage and let him fly in my room and I used to chase him all over the place XD I learned that what I was doing was only to freak him out more hahahaha
it took me so long to be able to make him stand on my finger and my shoulder but I can't touch him *until now -_- *
 that's him on my shoulder biting my glasses cuz I was singing to him and he didn't like my voice XP

as we felt that spiky was feeling lonely and his cage was small for him , me and mom went to buy a female cockatiel and I called her coco
those are both of them on my shoulder !! wohooo
so this coco wasn't healthy and I saw it before I bought her but I thought maybe it's only me thinking that and she was sooooo adorable spiky fell in love with her ;P and here's the proof ... * I was spying on them he he he*

oooooh so adorable they were so cute and sweeeet .
well MR. Spike started to show off infront of the lady as her wouldn't let me hold him like I used to do he just jumped away all the time I tried -___-

one day when I was in college having a very long day and returning home at night I slept right away to wake up by my father telling me that coco has died :( it was so sad but somehow I saw that coming , but what I didn't see it coming was she laid 3 eggs before she dies !

spiky got so sad when coco died and he stayed inside the house for months taking care of the eggs that he got so thin and I couldn't take him out of his cage :(
as time passed he started to get over it and he left the eggs so I had the chance to check them when my mom did too and told me that those eggs doesn't have babies in them ...
so I threw them away to help spiky forget about coco .
and so did he I still couldn't hold him like I used to do before , and after I while I decided it is the time to buy another female for him !
meet pumpkin and yes her color is dark and this was taken in the pet shop as first time I saw her I wanted her so badly , lucky me the to cockatiel were with her were both males , so I took her and we search for a name first my sister wanted to call her jolly cuz of her feather on top of her hair is curled * I don't know how she linked this with the name XP * and spiky didn't wasn't going close to her or act all cute around her , she's very healthy and loves to make sounds =D spiky stopped doing noises when I'm around cuz I'm annoying him =P anyways I called her pumpkin cuz I felt her colors were the theme of Halloween and that's why I called her pumpkin * I'm a color maniac so don't ask XP *
I've noticed that she loves to hear " if you happy and you know" song , I knew that cuz I was humming the song and she was trying to do the same as I do ♥ she still don't know how to land so when she flies she goes all over the place till she gets tired and stops at anyplace - it's okay for her to fly to the second floor and goes to my room if she couldn't stop XD
look at spiky being all mean trying to scare me by doing the * I will bite you * act XP wahahahaha
pumpkin has laid an egg the last few days and I don't like this timings cuz she keeps staying inside and I can't touch them , the funny thing is when spiky tries to peek on her and she kicks him out hahaha

I hope that her eggs have babies in them ^_^

Saturday, August 3, 2013


tried Drawing skulls for the first time since I have loooooooads of ideas that I want to draw and paint them but too lazy to do it plus I'm out of canvases XP