Monday, December 31, 2012

♥ happy new year ♥

happy new year every one may your dreams come true in this year and may new dreams come to your mind and you make them true , remember you can make whatever you want because the sky is your limit . 2012 was a very wonderful year to me I laughed alot and cried alot . I love you all ! hope 2013 will be better and better year for all of you out there !!

Monday, December 17, 2012

thinking to give up

so I thought to give up on painting after I saw our college painting gallery cuz as I thought that thy were so perfect and nice and I will never reach that level , well the truth is yes I wont cuz I got my own style and they got their own too and it's nice and mine aren't that bad I guess :D
so yesterday I founded myself painting this

Friday, December 14, 2012

drama moment time !

yea I'm warning you from the start I think I'll go all drama again now XP
Sooo today I went to college to help my friends for making the decoration for the Omani national day -I know it's over already but we will make it on this Sunday and Monday- aaaand I had lots of fun actually doing this , we had to work alot alot alooot but it was worth it . and I have been also forced to face my fears and go ask one of the guys to get us some staplers, glue and those stuff lucky for me I didn't find him so I went to get them by my own XP I really just don't like talking to our college guys I will do anything just not to talk to any guy from our college I mean I'm sorry to say this but I feel that they are somehow weirdos not in the fun way ! so anyways *here starts the drama XD* there was a group of guys and girls and you can tell that they were couples by the way the were taking picz and bla bla bla ,,,, the problem is I noticed my self getting soooooo disgusted when I hear the word boyfriend or girlfriend . to tell the truth why would you risk ur life to go through this cuz it won't end like what you've been dreaming of . just don't listen to ur heart it will never learn just listen to your brain ! at the end of the day I feel like nothing interests me anymore so I just decided to close that door from my life until then !

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

assignment pressure

so yeah it's been a crazy week I've been pushed to my limits it's still going on I have to submit one assignment and three will be left to be submitted this month not to mention two video making also Thursday will go to college to make the decoration for the national day celebration . anyways as I was working I found myself playing with photoshop and made this face , it turned out in a good way actually I really liked it !

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

second assignment

I got this assignment where I should video places in Oman , so today me and my friends went to some places to take videos and it was sooooo fun !! at first my tripod broke and I saw that coming because first it's so thin and second I got it for free ! so yeah hehe you shouldn't get so happy when you get free stuff :P anyways I had to shoot without it so I had to learn to make my hands stable and it went well actually :D also I couldn't not to take pics because the places were so beautiful