Wednesday, November 28, 2012

view from outside !

here's the view from the balcony , and standing there is very very very freaky cuz I'm on floor 39 ! so you can just imagine :P

holidays ♥

for the holiday we got , we went to UAE , Dubai . and it's been so much fun as it's still going on :D so we've been to few places
  for a start we went to wild wadi cuz my brother kept insisting to go , it looked fun but not for families and specially us Arab ones ! and also we stayed for few seconds and we were like " OKAYYYYYY we need to leave this place *covering eyes*"

so after leaving the wild wadi we went to Dubai mall cuz it's near our hotel and it's a cool place to go , first thing we did is going to the food court ! it's just amazing of how much restaurants are in there ! so we went around me and my sister and she got " Just flafel" cuz she wanted to try it from a long time and as for me I went to " Burger force" !! well that burger was soooo HUGE and the fries were big too XD but it was so tasty ! * my brother is having KFC and his hand is showing on the pic*

then we went to walk around to see the aquarium maybe or just wonder around and we saw " Candylicious" and I have to tell you this plays is for chocoholics and candyholics *candyholic is not a word but I just said it :P *

Monday, November 26, 2012

about the video

well I deleted the video for now to edit some things in it according to the people who acted request . I'll post it again when I'm done with it and hopefully with a better quality =D have a great day every one !!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

painting gallery ?

so there's this college who wants to do with the college I'm in some kind of one day that they join together the artist and other designing stuff and my friends want me to start painting again so I can join them on that day I kind of now got 4 paintings and only one of them is completed so I'm thinking to complete them and I actually don't know if I want to join I mean that's stupid to think about it I know I should join but I can't focus on more than one thing , and college assignments and exams are keeping me busy if not by working on them then by thinking about them , I'm actually lost in my own thoughts and I don't know what to do I'll just do what I'm feeling I want to do and hope it goes well =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I've been interested in dragons so much lately I've been loving how it is drown and how beautiful it is and how it has many small details that makes it more realistic so I decided to draw one , I love how it turned out for a first and mostly the patents I had in coloring part by part on it's very own :D

colors used on this painting : Acrylic colors

Sunday, November 18, 2012


yesterday I went with my sister to the beach and actually we have planed to do this from a very long time but we couldn't fight the sleep :P but it was worth it to see the sunrise and the healthy people doing yoga :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red sunset

I was studying and I couldn't help myself when I saw the sunset put to capture it with a pic , did few editing on them :D

Monday, November 12, 2012

waking up at night

So I slept early to wake up early today , but I woke up at midnight O_O so I ran out side with my camera cuz I missed taking picz and when I wake up I just get so crazy that I sing whatever comes in my head
 this one is extra :p I took this when I was in the country side and it rained that day !

Saturday, November 10, 2012

making a short movie !!

hello there :D I got an assignment that is to do a short film and I was excited for this subject from before I take it because from what I hear about it , so anyways I chose for my short movie to be a horror one with all the freaky stuff form the story line I liked it very very much and I found an actors so I hope it goes as same as I imagined it .
as for this subject we are learning how to mix music, how to make cloning and other things ! how cool is that ha ? :D

Monday, November 5, 2012

My place

it was a beach I discovered not much people go there and I liked how quite it was I called it my beach and I took all the people I care about to there , yesterday when I finished from college I went , it was the same but more alive with children laughing running , women walking and lovers sitting together hiding so not much people can see them . it made me wonder after all my crazy moments and happy ones , all my anger moments and the sad ones , If I left this world will anyone miss me ? or they will be just glad that I left ? or someone would be sad ?
I'm mostly quite around new people and I can't talk in a long conversations but at the end of the day this is me and that's my way , I think I'm just tired of being strong but I have any other choice because I'm not the person who have great friends that I will feel comfortable telling them all what happens in my life so I keep it with me =)
who ever is reading this yes I'm kind of making it sound like a drama XP but that's what I'm feeling lately

Saturday, November 3, 2012

computing club logo

As a member of the design club we've been asked to make a logo for the computing club well it was just me and two of my friends who participated in it and to tell you the truth I made few but when I saw one of my friends work I said to my self that I don't think that I'll win her , but it turns out that I'm the one who won !! :D
they said they liked mine because it was something new so they told me to change here and there in it and it's done ! and here's how it was and how it turned out at the end as their requests
 this was the first one I thought that green will look good for computing and technology 

 then the leader told me that they want it with blue and the college logo in it so I did it in this way

those two I made today because they made a group and told me to do few fixes here and there !

and a when I met with the group they told me that they tried to play with it and it shocked me when I saw what they did for my work

but it's good that they returned to tell me to fix it myself and they still like mine :D

Friday, November 2, 2012

happy birthday marmoooor !!

my sisters birthday was on the first day of eid so it wasn't fun cuz everybody didn't remember it so she thought that it was the worst birthday , but she didn't know that I was planing for it from a time . so when the eid and the wedding is done we got her few stuff and made her get angry then surprised her with the gift she got soooo happy and I'm glad that she loved it ^_^

 this is the bag with all the stuff in it !

peach body lotion from the body shop and it smells soooooo good !!

 hair caring stuff hehe

 Oreo cupcake from my cupcake she couldn't wait to take a pic for it before XP

 hair bows from claire's cuz she love bows :D


 Lollipop AND looks like kiwi that's two in one :P

 she's been talking about those gums like forever !

 some chocolates :D

 and the best thing is a huuuge bag of chips

this is a drink that comes in colors so I got this one :D

Thursday, November 1, 2012

the wedding

yesterday was my aunt wedding and let me tell you it was a very different one comparing to my other aunts ,,, in a better way cuz it wasn't so crowded and all were looking great :D I wore a black dress and that was weird for a person who loves colors but the dress was cool ♡