Monday, January 9, 2012

a day in the college

 today I'm in college from 8 a.m had a revision class then went with my friend working on the project till now sooo we got REAL bored we thought of going to buy an ice-cream but the shops were closed so we return back to college .
yesterday I got a toe ring I wanted to show of in college but didn't find a cool shoe that will show it so I wore it on my finger XD
 those are my cute paper boats and one of my friends :P cuz boredom killed us ...

now we're waiting for our friend then donno what we'll do I'm actually not in a very good mood today so I thought maybe writing will help it a little ..... and btw we will stay till 8 p.m cuz we got class at 6 and it'll finish at 8 so god help me -_-

one thing to say is : " fatness is a type of sickness you need to get out of it asp or it'll kill you" :)

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  1. Hope your mood gets better through the day. Btw love your nails ;)