Tuesday, March 13, 2012

skool memories

I never thought of opening my old skool letters I tought that they were so silly so I didn't looked at them , so yesterday I was looking for something and I found them . it was really funny reading them so I said that I have to share XD  first I'll start with the normal ones
 this was from a girl who liked me she was really kind but I always tried to run away from her XD

 this was from a girl who had a group I used to call her princess 

wahaha well I don't remember that I was a monster in high school but this girl was cute and super friendly ^_^

this one is so true XD I was a weirdo that sits alone but I wasn't a sad person or anything I was just a quiet person
 this was from a girl who sits next to me she was smart and a little crazy :P

soooo next is from a girl I used to love her so much * not in a weird way* I just like her char in school everybody knows her and wants to be her friend , we talked and we became close friends but when school ended our friendship ended it was sad but I dont know why we dont talk anymore =) 

 this was the good bye letter on the last day on school it was so big one :P

she was a straight A student I wont lie I missed her ^_^ 
so this was my school days it wasn't so bad as I thought it was :D

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