Friday, December 14, 2012

drama moment time !

yea I'm warning you from the start I think I'll go all drama again now XP
Sooo today I went to college to help my friends for making the decoration for the Omani national day -I know it's over already but we will make it on this Sunday and Monday- aaaand I had lots of fun actually doing this , we had to work alot alot alooot but it was worth it . and I have been also forced to face my fears and go ask one of the guys to get us some staplers, glue and those stuff lucky for me I didn't find him so I went to get them by my own XP I really just don't like talking to our college guys I will do anything just not to talk to any guy from our college I mean I'm sorry to say this but I feel that they are somehow weirdos not in the fun way ! so anyways *here starts the drama XD* there was a group of guys and girls and you can tell that they were couples by the way the were taking picz and bla bla bla ,,,, the problem is I noticed my self getting soooooo disgusted when I hear the word boyfriend or girlfriend . to tell the truth why would you risk ur life to go through this cuz it won't end like what you've been dreaming of . just don't listen to ur heart it will never learn just listen to your brain ! at the end of the day I feel like nothing interests me anymore so I just decided to close that door from my life until then !

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