Sunday, January 13, 2013

A better place

I've been feeling down very much lately and I've been telling myself it's just a period of time and will go , well let me tell you something about me I'm a very quite person that will never talk when meeting new people but when I know the person I'm very talkative and I laugh alot and I know some people doesn't like that but this is me , I joke a looooot even if I'm angry or about to cry I'm going to make a joke about that and might laugh too , I don't like to speak about my life but that doesn't mean that I'm in lala land or happy wonder world :P 
anyways I'm not here to talk about me I want to talk about you if your having a bad day or feeling down don't let it get to you cuz you are wonderful person that don't deserve to be sad ! you are a beautiful person with a very creative mind that can blow up others with how great they are you just need to give it a try and if it didn't get what you thought it will it's okay you can do better and better , everyday is a fresh start to start anything new ! be happy everyday and smile at every place you'll go to and you will be surprised with how people will smile back at you and trust me that will feel good !!
have an amazing day everyone and always be happy , hugs from me to you ❤

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