Wednesday, November 27, 2013

getting bored

I get bored so fast when I just sit at home doing nothing or just taking care of my little sister
and when I ...

 there's no fun people to go out with cuz my sister went to the U.S and I'm stuck in here *if ur wondering about my other sisters , well I'm sooooo done with drama and endless storys that doesn't interest me -_-*

 I mean
maaaaan I wake up with a bad mood and then I keep on hearing those stories just doooon't push my buttons I'll totally ignore whatever your saying!
and leave me to be ya5ee 

and again I just 
the never leaving home part , so I  became smart in college and I finish my assignments before the deadline ! even the mister went asking " when did you become so smart !" I take that as a compliment ....
and working on my project was is a little entertaining , not when my sponsor forgot all about my project and made me go to the company while he's not there I just felt like I'm 
cuz I needed the documents and all but I just kept my storyboard on his desk and left.

reading this blog ?
I feel high today so I thought to make you feel like me ,,,, I'm actually trying to expand my writing skills cuz they always tell us right more but man if I wrote two lines I feel like partying loool

so I decided to work with this 
"be stupid to see the existence beautiful"

it's right in so many ways , why do I have to think about everything and stress myself , college is for sure in my mind but other things are just silly even being in a relationship is
 it doesn't work right in this side of the world we have to be like ninjas to meet so no one see us and start talking at us or if the police saw us we're mashed potatoes ! why? cuz they will take you to the police station and call ur parents and it will be like you did the worst thing in the world while you just JUST met the person you love and you were just talking .... * from what I heard from other people*
so I just left that shit aside it doesn't work with me anyways 
....... ._.

but you come talking to me for two or three day and you start talking like we're together for a very long time and want me to explain why am I late?
dude what is wrong with you ?
you sir have spoke to the wrong person I'm rude to people who don't interest me , and you got few seconds to change that if you didn't then 
and say helloooo to the clouds looool

so yeah hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed writing it

I love coffee ♥ hahaha no story for this 

ma3 al salamah babies :D

ps: I don't own any of the pictures I used

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