Sunday, November 17, 2013

life challanges

since everybody know I have this huge fear to talk to guys , if you don't know that well here how it goes :
I don't know why I get sooooo nervous when I have to talk to a guy in college or something I actually try my best just to avoid it and I might tell my friend to talk to the guy if it's a must hahahahaha :P
but don't worry about that I've been working on it aaand it's going well I started to talk and be myself around anyone talks to me . It was soooo annoying me but thank allah it's no more there .

want me to tell you more ? okay ...

college is going good and I've been a hard worker  for first time I finish an assignment before the dead line comes !! but I did something bad which is I have to write chapter 1 of my project but I've been busy ? I don't know my day starts with going to college and I finish at 8 pm and from college to my place takes 30 mins to 50 mins so all I want to do is to rest , anyways the submission was 16 of this month but I didn't even start with it .
sooooo yeah that's all the story of the day haha have a great day , don't forget a smile from you might change someones life !!

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