Wednesday, March 5, 2014

final semester

oh yeaaa I feel awesome hahaha , I'm on my final semester in college and it feels sooo awesome and yeah about the post before had some drama moments but anyways I'm good :P

so I've been in this diet and let me tell you it is not easy for first week but now I'm on my third week and I have lost 4 kilos just in 2 weeks so I can handle this -it is for four months btw- and yes I've been going to the gym as well , gym is just awesome I love the walking , the running and all the things in it

my project is on freeze at the moment because I'm waiting for the company to give me the approval to go and visit the site which they are lacking on as I heard .... hopefully it'll work on somehow .

 I will be having advanced digital media which I'm soooooooo happy about this is the video shooting and using the after effect so it'll be something good !

and that's it thank you for reading *if there's any :P *

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