Wednesday, July 24, 2013


so since it's Ramadan and since there's no college , I do a great job in ruining my sleeping time !
here's the reasons why I don't sleep on time:
- I'm not sleepy
- I'm bored
- someone is talking while I'm trying to sleep
and speaking about that I am a lite sleeper so no you can't talk, read a book , get ready or leave the door open while I'm sleeping -__- I mean why would you do all that it's a sleeping time and you should respect the person who is sleeping .
this week was a big mess my both aunts are sleeping over and my little *over sensitive cousin* and another cousin too , now this might sound weird on why all those are sleeping in our home and let me tell you that I don't even know why ...
so lets start with my *over sensitive cousin* to make the long story short she cries over every single thing for example she's eating a little spicy food so she cries ...
next to my aunt well one of them she's cool and she's a p.e teacher so me and my sister do exercise and she wanted to do like us as she started her back hurt her so badly that she couldn't move and that made me feel bad and thinking about bad lately I started to feel like I'm a bully or does the people around me decided to be soft ? I don't know so back to the main story we had to take her to hospital ... and she's sleeping on my bed ●_●
and I crashed the car, as much as I'm laughing about it but it still freaks me how it happened I hate this moment sooooo much as this is my second car crash the car is totally damaged from the front and just looking at it makes me shiver and so does driving like nothing happened does . I'm still moving on with that .... and the last reason of me not sleeping well is summer classes , I wake up at 8am and return home at 5 pm , that's just too much .
so yeah this is my current life for this time !
hope you're having better sleeping than me and if you don't then don't worry we're all in the same flow :D
love you all bubye !

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