Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So I don't know how to start with this unless I'll be writing a report then I must do it , anyways since I was a little girl I had an extra weight and it wasn't a problem at that time cuz all what I cared about is to have fun , but as I grew up I founded this problem with clothes as I had a very hard time to find something that fits me and because of that I hated shopping very much well one of my bad memories is when I wanted pants and that was nearly imposable for me to find my mother used to choose for me from the men section and I used to stand away as mom looks for me .
So I started going to gym first time was a total no use cuz I was too excited to try every machine ! and well it didn't change anything in me but I kept going in summer and so.
and in fact I have lost weight  when I started taking personal trainer I remember coming home feeling sore all over my body and I hated that feeling , I had aerobics too and boy that was sooooo tiring hehehe anyways that was last summer and I did lost 5 kg and it had such a great feeling but what happens when you leave doing sports ? you gain weight that's what happens ! I gained 2kg and it looked like I gained 10 -__-
and this summer I'm back to gym and let me tell you I didn't have that in my mind all that motivation to continue losing but hey as soon as I joined I started with the hard working and it does hurt as in the muscles but in a good way it makes you feel that there is hope to take that fat away hehehe .
this is my third week and I'm planing to have abs but not that guys abs I meant the lite one and to burn all the fat overall .
and junk food still makes me have that feeling of " one meal wont harm anyone " but NO it will harm me all that calories you've burned and you've worked so hard to burn at least 500 calorie you'll be having them back in few minutes while eating that one meal , it's your choice either to work it out or sleep it off
I don't think that a cup cake,molten cake, mcdonalds, burger king , soft drinks or any of these are worth it to take away your hard work out from you . at the end of this I know this is so long and all that but this is a true story and it happened to me

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