Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Randoms !

Hello there hehe though I don't think there's anyone reads my blog anymore but it makes me happy to write or post pictures actually how do people do it ? getting an active blog ? but anyways that's not my problem because I'm satisfied with the little hehe :P
today my summer vacation starts believe it or not cuz I decided to take summer classes and it was fun but very very pressuring yesterday I had my last exam and thank allah I'm dooooone ! and here goes the sad part ... thinking about my next level of studying thing I'll be very busy so I kind of need to go somewhere to refresh buuuut there's no one to go with me if I wanted to travel which I really want , actually my last hope is in my aunt knowing that she travels many times but I heard that she's not going anywhere and I still have a little tiny hope that I might go somewhere before college starts again :P
other things is I've been trying so hard to like tumblr but I find it some how stupid :S so I don't know what I'm doing there haha  , hmmm what else ? ..... I daydream alot like if you see me sitting and staring like I'm focusing on the lecture or a talk I'm actually not cuz I'll be daydreaming about dragons and imaginary lovers and so on hahaha XD well yeah that was my thoughts for today I don't know how to spend my one month vacation , and I don't want to paint although I have loads of ideas for new artworks but I just don't want to do anything productive in this one month ....

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