Friday, November 2, 2012

happy birthday marmoooor !!

my sisters birthday was on the first day of eid so it wasn't fun cuz everybody didn't remember it so she thought that it was the worst birthday , but she didn't know that I was planing for it from a time . so when the eid and the wedding is done we got her few stuff and made her get angry then surprised her with the gift she got soooo happy and I'm glad that she loved it ^_^

 this is the bag with all the stuff in it !

peach body lotion from the body shop and it smells soooooo good !!

 hair caring stuff hehe

 Oreo cupcake from my cupcake she couldn't wait to take a pic for it before XP

 hair bows from claire's cuz she love bows :D


 Lollipop AND looks like kiwi that's two in one :P

 she's been talking about those gums like forever !

 some chocolates :D

 and the best thing is a huuuge bag of chips

this is a drink that comes in colors so I got this one :D

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