Monday, November 5, 2012

My place

it was a beach I discovered not much people go there and I liked how quite it was I called it my beach and I took all the people I care about to there , yesterday when I finished from college I went , it was the same but more alive with children laughing running , women walking and lovers sitting together hiding so not much people can see them . it made me wonder after all my crazy moments and happy ones , all my anger moments and the sad ones , If I left this world will anyone miss me ? or they will be just glad that I left ? or someone would be sad ?
I'm mostly quite around new people and I can't talk in a long conversations but at the end of the day this is me and that's my way , I think I'm just tired of being strong but I have any other choice because I'm not the person who have great friends that I will feel comfortable telling them all what happens in my life so I keep it with me =)
who ever is reading this yes I'm kind of making it sound like a drama XP but that's what I'm feeling lately

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