Saturday, November 3, 2012

computing club logo

As a member of the design club we've been asked to make a logo for the computing club well it was just me and two of my friends who participated in it and to tell you the truth I made few but when I saw one of my friends work I said to my self that I don't think that I'll win her , but it turns out that I'm the one who won !! :D
they said they liked mine because it was something new so they told me to change here and there in it and it's done ! and here's how it was and how it turned out at the end as their requests
 this was the first one I thought that green will look good for computing and technology 

 then the leader told me that they want it with blue and the college logo in it so I did it in this way

those two I made today because they made a group and told me to do few fixes here and there !

and a when I met with the group they told me that they tried to play with it and it shocked me when I saw what they did for my work

but it's good that they returned to tell me to fix it myself and they still like mine :D

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