Wednesday, November 28, 2012

holidays ♥

for the holiday we got , we went to UAE , Dubai . and it's been so much fun as it's still going on :D so we've been to few places
  for a start we went to wild wadi cuz my brother kept insisting to go , it looked fun but not for families and specially us Arab ones ! and also we stayed for few seconds and we were like " OKAYYYYYY we need to leave this place *covering eyes*"

so after leaving the wild wadi we went to Dubai mall cuz it's near our hotel and it's a cool place to go , first thing we did is going to the food court ! it's just amazing of how much restaurants are in there ! so we went around me and my sister and she got " Just flafel" cuz she wanted to try it from a long time and as for me I went to " Burger force" !! well that burger was soooo HUGE and the fries were big too XD but it was so tasty ! * my brother is having KFC and his hand is showing on the pic*

then we went to walk around to see the aquarium maybe or just wonder around and we saw " Candylicious" and I have to tell you this plays is for chocoholics and candyholics *candyholic is not a word but I just said it :P *

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